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AdventureSmart is Canada's national prevention program, they have developed a trip plan app. No one plans to get into trouble outdoors. Who knows where you went and when they should call for help? Read more about trip plans on the AdventureSmart website.


Jump straight to the online app, or download it for android or iPhone


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New Brunswick Ground Search and Rescue (NBGSARA)

Search and Rescue expert tells you how to stay safe
Hug A Tree and Survive

Being found: How to increase your survivability by understanding how search and rescue personnel work

5 Top SAR Myths (Coquitlam Search & Rescue)

Layering Basics

The importance of hydration

Keep your warmth: How to avoid, recognize and treat hypothermia

5 Tips for Camping in the rain

Best Backpacking Food (Great guide for packing light and getting the nutrition you need)

Do hot drinks really warm you up?

How to read a topographic map / Navigate Like a Pro (Learning to look at a topographic map and see it in 3 dimensions can make your outdoor trip that much more enjoyable. It is a skill we teach all of our members. Here are some great tips to help you navigate your next trip out.)

The power of Paracord (and how to make sure you always have some with you)

How to assess a water crossing

Using Pace Counting Beads

Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht "Dr. Popsicle" with survival in the ice

Hypothermia and Survival in Cold Water

How to survive a fall through frozen ice

Project Lifesaver

Emergency Preparedeness guide for New Brunswick (May 2015)

Heat loss mechanisms

What is an Amber Alert?

Adventure Smart - ATV Riding

Folding your outdoor jacket - a neat trick

How to choose the right PFD

11 Ways a condom can save your life

Yes, that's a tampon in my mouth:  The Swiss Army survival tampon - 10 survival uses

10 warning signs (dementia/Alzheimer's diseases)

Text with 911 service now available in New Brunswick

The New Brunswick Trunk Mobile Radio project (TMR)

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